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Investment strategy - Investment criteria

Star Capital invests in all sectors of industry, services and trade (with the exception of start-up, turnaround and investments in real estate and high technology).

Star Capital prefers majority investments. Minority transactions are considered only for qualified stake of the share capital, assisted by protecting minority shareholders' agreements that provide for a clear exit process and a full sharing of the business plan and strategy with the majority shareholder.

The investment is characterized by the use of a low leverage and by a strong industrial approach, shown by the development (of turnover and profitability) reached by the companies in which Star Capital has invested.

The management approach used by Star Capital provides the full involvement of the management team in supporting the implementation of the strategy and business plan of the partecipated companies, in close collaboration with the company management.

The medium-term investment horizon (4-5 years) is consistent with the objective of supporting the development of portfolio companies and able to fully arise the industrial value of the project.