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Investments - Star III Fund

Internet site: www.codyeco.it

Date of investment: july 2013

Sector: chemical products for tannery

% Ownership: 95%

Status: realized (October 2017) - Trade Sale

Internet site: www.castfutura.com

Date of investment: october 2013

Sector: components for gas cooking and heating

% Ownership: 82%

Status: realized (December 2018) - Trade Sale

Internet site: www.goldplast.it

Date of investment: july 2015

Sector: disposable tableware plastic products

% Ownership: 100%

Status: in portfolio

Internet site: www.glmgroup.it

Date of investment: july 2016

Sector: automotive and truck components

% Ownership: 70%

Status: in portfolio

Internet site: www.csopharmitalia.com

Date of investment: october 2016

Sector: Contract Sales Organization for pharma industry

% Ownership: 84%

Status: in portfolio

Internet site: www.biosys.it

Date of investment: july 2017

Sector: Health diagnostic products

% Ownership: 79,05%

Status: in portfolio

Internet site: www.capellopoint.it

Date of investment: october 2017

Sector: Retail/Professional hair care products

% Ownership: 98,83%

Status: in portfolio