Star Capital investment strategy is aimed at transforming Italian SMEs into companies with a strong international focus supporting them in the process of expansion and internationalization (organically or through acquisitions).

Star Capital promotes  a managerialization process of the target companies through the involvement and fidelization of new quality managers, in the belief that human resources play a key role in the success of companies.

Star Capital also aims to achieve an increase in the turnover and profitability of the investee companies while strengthening their competitive positioning in their reference market.


Star Capital invests in all production, services and commerce sectors (with the sole exception of start-ups, turnaround, real estate and high technology sectors).

We prefer to invest in a large majority position. Qualified minority investments are considered if backed by shareholders' agreements that provide a clear exit process of the minorities and a full sharing of the industrial and strategic plan with the majority shareholder.

The intervention in the share capital is characterized by a limited use of financial leverage and is based on a strong industrial approach as proved by the strong development (of turnover and profitability) achieved by the companies in which Star Capital has invested in the past.

The management style of Star Capital relies on the the full involvement of its management team in supporting the implementation of the strategies and business plan of the investee companies, in close collaboration with the management of the invested companies themselves.

The medium-term investment time horizon (4-5 years) is consistent with the objective of supporting the development of the investee companies and of fully exploiting the industrial value of the project.

Target Companies

Star Capital focuses on the segment of small and medium sized Italian companies (turnover € 15-50 million / ebitda from € 3-10 million).


The strategy of Star Capital is preferably aimed at companies with a leadership position in market "niches" and which have a significant share of their turnover on foreign markets.


Star Capital can properly support companies that need (financial and / or managerial) resources and skills for development, as well as companies that need to solve problems of lack of generational succession.


Star Capital carries out Management Buy-Out / Leveraged Buy-Out investments with the aim of:

  • solving generational issues of family-owned companies,
  • rationalize the shareholder structure

Star Capital provides Development Capital to support specific projects:

  • internal growth: financing of corporate investments, launch of new products, geographical expansion, strengthening of organizational structures
  • external growth through acquisitions